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We help companies to improve and automate communication with customers by using AI and chatbot technology
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With our Bot-as-a-service platform we can develop complex text and voice user interfaces (Alexa Skills, Google Assistant Action, Yandex Alice, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Viber, Slack, Skype).

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We build custom bots and also have ready to use bots
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Our services
  • Analysis
    A large part of the work Botwiser does is behind the scenes. However, before development begins, we need to understand your needs, project goals and define what you expect from chatbot. We will gather information about your company and how it works. Audience engagement, research, and branding are key in chatbot development, and if necessary we will conduct focus groups to find out what people expect from chatbot.
  • Design and Prototype
    Like a website or an app, chatbot needs a conversation flow design and wireframes. You will have an important role in the design process, as it's important that you are getting what you want. Plus, it's better to work out issues in this stage than later down the road.
  • Development and deployment
    This part of the process is laborious and time-consuming, but as we use Botwiser bot as a service platform we can deliver chatbot faster. Chatbot solution will be deployed on Botwiser chatbot platform so there is no need for additional hardware and system management.
  • Testing and launch
    Once development is complete, we will test chatbot in cooperation with you. After testing your chatbot is built and ready to launch. But just because you invested all this time and resources into chatbot, it doesn't mean anyone will know it exists unless you tell them. To reach your audience we will provide for you promotion tools and best practices how to market your chatbot.
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  • Ruta
    Community Manager @ HackBelgium
    As event organizers we used chatbot as communication tool with attendees - this gave us opportunity to receive and manage instant messages from attendees to info desk team! Also as attendees had full access to program via chatbot - we reduced amount of live questions about basic program of event - which helped volunteer team focus on more complicated tasks. Botwiser team provided excellent service and proactively helped to reach the best results from using the chatbot during the event. We would definitely recommend to work with Eventumbot team!
  • Bastien
    THE ARCHITECT @ Sharify
    Botwiser team developed in a short term period a very user-friendly, easy-to-use and nicely-designed chatbot to support our hackathons. It's a great tool to enable collaboration and co-creation among participants. Our partnership was very successful and I will definitely continue working with them.
  • Frederic
    CCO @ nexxworks
    With Eventumbot the attendees were better informed about the schedule and facilities. The ability for participants to get answers to their questions in great, pushing messages for last-minute changes also. Eventumbot is integrated in a Facebook Messenger app most users already have on their phone and it's integrated with our own way of internal communication (slack). I would recommend Eventumbot as It's easy to use and participants like it. Botwiser's team is very flexible, always ready to find a solution.
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