for Restaurant

Your virtual assistant attracts new diners to the restaurant, introduces new menus and promotions, improves table reservation process, and learns customer opinions.
Botwiser builder is a special online service. It will help you to build chatbots for Restaurant. With Botwiser, you don't need to be a web programmer to extend capabilities of your messenger.
Around the clock, a chatbot can collect information for the client base, answer questions and receive feedback, book and reserve tables, and regularly monitor the opinion of visitors.


The chatbot for the restaurant operates 24/7, and it
Gather customer feedback on servic
It receives visitors' feedback day and night; as a result, you can improve the quality of services according to this information.
Promptly answers frequently asked questions
For example, can I see the menu (or book a table)? What is the average check? The chatbot will answer the most common questions of customers at any time.
Books/reserves tables
The chatbot automatically accepts requests for booking tables and booths. This allows you to optimize the operation of the restaurant/cafe and provide a new communication channel for customers.
Notifies about what's new and what promotions are.
The chatbot sends information about new and profitable offers, menu changes, and discounts to customers, which boosts an influx of ones.

How can you create a Restaurant chatbot?

How can you create
a Restaurant chatbot with botwiser?
Just log in to the service and follow these simple steps.

Create a new Restaurant bot with our builder
In the form for creating a chatbot, enter its name and your email to receive notifications about the bot.
Get a secret key for connecting
Get a secret key/token on Telegram/Viber/Facebook account
Test and customize your chatbot answers
In botwiser builder, you can specify answers to questions that the chatbot will answer in a conversation with a customer.
Learn statistics and message history
Analyze statistics and improve your bot.
The chatbot will be able to help the restaurant team to answer the most popular questions; promote a new menu; win and keep more customers to the restaurant; and improve feedback.
Chat bot content management system
  • FAQ
  • Learning
  • Customers
  • Message history

Botwiser builder features

FAQ chat bot
If customers receive the correct answers to their questions, this means the bot works effectively. The Botwiser service allows you to add various answers and tips to any bot.

Chat bot forms

The forms features allow users to:
  • request a callback
  • write up an order
  • conduct a survey, etc

All customers' messages and responses of your virtual assistant are logged. As a result, the essential database will be created, which will be useful for subsequent analysis.


The history of customer inquiries and requests allows you to generate the most relevant responses and add them to the skill, as well as associate the questions with the canned responses.
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