Give a Second Chance to Your Teddy Bear
FreshStarter is a new life for toys while helping clean out your living environment.
We wish to give toys a new purpose by redistributing them in meaningful ways.
Kids grow up fast, and grow out of their toys even faster. Instead of trying to store these trinkets to be forgotten, give them a new purpose by donating them to various demographics through our solution.
We wish to create a sustainable community of well intended people.
Circular Economy
Avoid waste, redefine value, and help the environment, whether social or ecological.
The world needs to change, and we can help solely by thinking outside the box.
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FreshStarter uses image recognition and matchmaking powered by Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology.

Get Your Children Socially Engaged
Teach your kids the basics of circular economics by encouraging them to exchange their toys with other kids or donate to creative projects or charities, and help them see that they can create happiness for others. Let your teddy smile again
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